Riverside’s private equity portfolio

Specialized Investing - Franchisors

The Riverside Company has built a successful track record since 1988 through effective partnerships with exceptional smaller companies. Riverside’s investments have thrived thanks to a consistent approach that makes companies bigger and better. Working closely with management, Riverside fosters growth in its portfolio through increased capital expenditures, product expansion, research and development efforts, and strategic add-on acquisitions.

The Right Team

Franchisor specialist Senior Advisor Steve Siegel advises Riverside on its franchisor deals and sits on most of Riverside’s franchisor boards. Mr. Siegel was the first franchisee chairman of the International Franchise Association, and has direct experience as a successful Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee. Mr. Siegel works with the Riverside Origination, Transacting and Operating teams to deliver decades of executive experience to provide crucial advice and skill that drives growth, captures potential, and helps source and integrate add-on opportunities.

Franchisors choose Riverside because of its global team and strong reputation, and because Riverside offers many advantages:

  • Global Resources. Riverside’s team delivers a world of knowledge, new markets, and sourcing opportunities. The Riverside Toolkit of vetted service providers adds dozens of focused resources geared toward improving production, pricing, marketing and other key areas.
  • Increased EBITDA. Riverside understands how to grow earnings through increased sales, reduced expenses, and improved processes.
  • Operational Savings. Riverside’s pooled purchasing programs save companies millions on services ranging from healthcare to shipping.
  • Knowledge SharingRiverside University provides opportunities for company executives to learn best practices from peers and thought leaders.
  • Your Values Intact. Riverside respects unique corporate cultures and values.

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